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          Making Landscape Public / Making Public Landscape

        In the field of urban development and spatial planning, a remarkable amount of attention has been given to the theme of ‘landscape; over the past 20 years. The notion of landscape turns out to have an extremely great capacity to keep generating new matters of interest. At first, the focus was mainly on ecological questions, such as the water issue, but after that, almost the entire spatial discussion became ‘landscapified’. The days when the idea of landscape simply referred natural or rural settings are long gone. The  therm ’ urban landscape’, for instance, has become commonplace. And nowadays we also speak of ‘leisure landscapes’, ‘residential landscapes’, ‘energy landscapes’, ‘health care landscapes’ and so forth. The ‘landscapification’ of the spatial discourse was also accompanied by a striking emancipation of landscape design. Landscape architects succeeded in taking over aspects of integral regional design that urban developers and planners had ignored for a considerable while. At the same time, they also became more directly involved with architecture and product design.

        OASE also joined in the discussion on landscape, by publishing a number of themed issues. In 2002, #60 Urbanism Out of Town discussed the diffuse city and te intense interpenetration of city and county; in 2004, # 63 Countryside examined changes in the environs; and in 2009 #80 On Territories featured regional design.

        In this issue we want to make the focus both broader and sharper. Sharper, in the sense that we talk about the idea of landscape in a very specific manner, namely as a reflection of public debate and social imagination. Broader, in the sense that we are shifting the discussion to the role of professional in the public debate. 
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        Dehaene, M., Notteboom, B., & Teerds, H. (2014). Editorial. Making Landscape Public / Making Public Landscape. Making landscape public. Making public landscape, OASE, (93), 2–11. Retrieved from https://www.oasejournal.nl/en/Issues/93/Editorial
    1. 10/11/2017
      Veronique Patteeuw talks to Rem Koolhaas

      Especially for the 25th anniversary of the Kunsthal in Rotterdam OASE editor Véronique Patteeuw, talked to architect Rem Koolhaas about the realisation, current function and the future of the building. Also OASE #94 about OMA was discussed!

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    2. 20/10/2017
      Workshop & Presentation OASE #98

      On 19 October 2017 OASE and the KU Leuven organised a workshop for students from KU Leuven and TU Delft. Later on OASE #98 was launched by the editors of this issue and the Scientific Board of OASE. Maarten Overdijk (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)  and Bas Smets (Bureau Bas Smets) gave lectures. 

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    3. 25/09/2017
      Launch OASE #98 Narrating Urban Landscapes

      The OASE Foundation cordially invites you to the presentation of OASE #98 on 19 October at the KU Leuven in Ghent, Belgium. 

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    4. 07/08/2017
      Lecture Veronique Patteeuw in New York

      On 18 July 2017 member of the OASE editorial staff Veronique Patteeuw discussed her work as co-editor of OASE #97 at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York. Click here for more details.

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    5. 26/07/2017
      Save the date: presentation OASE #98 in Gent, Belgium on 19 October 2017

      More information coming soon!

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    6. 26/07/2017
      Now available: OASE #98. Narrating Urban Landscapes

      View a sneak preview of OASE #98.

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    7. 12/12/2016
      Presentation OASE 96 and lecture Interboro Partners + 1010 architecture urbanism

      Thursday 15 December 2016, Tobias Armborst (Interborro Partners) and Bert Gellynck (1010 architecture urbanism) will give a double lecture. The lecture is followed by a discussion with the (guest)editors of OASE 96, Michiel Dehaene, Els Vervloesem en Marleen Goethals. Joachim Declerck (AWB) will moderate the discussion.

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    8. 05/12/2016
      Call for papers OASE #99. The Architecture (Museum) Effect

      The aim of OASE #99 is to establish a working understanding of architecture museums as institutions and nodes in architecture’s cultural apparatus. To engage critically with different perspectives and use historical and theoretical grounding to uncover the presence and relevance of architecture museums institutions in contemporary architecture culture.
      Proposals for contributions should be submitted by JANUARY 15, 2017, and must include a proposed title, an abstract (maximum 300 words), as well as the contributor’s name, professional affiliation (if applicable), email address and a short bio (maximum 300 words).

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    9. 01/12/2016
      Presentation of OASE #97 on 12 December 2016 in Antwerp

      On 12 December 2016 the editors of OASE #97 will talk about action and reaction in architecture with Xaveer De Geyter (XDGA) and Willem Jan Neutelings (Neutelings Riedijk Architects). This event is sold out, registration is no longer possible.

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    10. 25/10/2016
      Klaske Havik presents OASE #95 in Bogotá, Colombia

      On 28 October 2016 Klaske Havik – member of the editorial board of OASE – will be the closing speaker during the Semana del Arquitecto in Bogotá, Colombia. She will present OASE #95 and talk about transcultural practices in architecture and urbanism. The event is organised by the Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos Bogotá.

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