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          Marseille beyond the Headlines

        This project, The Terminal: Marseille Beyond the Headlines, explores a planned but not yet publicized tram extension into Marseille’s fragmented ‘Quartiers Nord’. Masquerading as a newspaper, the project is a critical cartography that merges current events, cliché reputations, expert interviews and personal experiences to construct a territory of the possible realities and fictions of an arbitrary day (because news happens every day) in Marseille. The newspaper communicates and creates friction by colliding unresolved opinions and realities within the physical space of a page. With every article, it exposes the circuitous conflicts impacting the future tram line, speculates on their evolution, and projects new realities that the line may confront and construct along its length. In its totality the project does not propose a foreclosed and singular representation of a territory, but conceives of the newspaper, a temporal construct, as a territory itself produced by a plurality of voices, opinions and speculations that are multiple in their representation.
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        Lubell, C. (2017). The Terminal. Marseille beyond the Headlines. Narrating Urban Landscapes, OASE, (98), 81–83. Retrieved from https://oasejournal.nl/en/Issues/98/Theterminal

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    1. 20/03/2019
      Presentation OASE #102 on 3 April 2019 during Jokerweek in Ghent

      OASE #102 will be presented during the event Jokerweek in Ghent (Belgium), on 3 April from 18:00 – 18:30 hrs in indoor-wielerpiste ’t Kuipke in the Citadelpark in Ghent (walking distance from train station Gent St-Pieters).

      The presentation is followed by a lecture by the British architect Stephen Bates from the office SergisonBates.

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    6. 20/11/2018
      Platform-L Contemporary Art Center in Seoel shows work of Karel Martens

      The work of “our” graphic designer Karel Martens is on show until 19 January 2019 in Platform-L Contemporary Art Center in Seoel, South-Korea. Naturally, his work for OASE is also shown extensively in this exhibition. 

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      Interview Marius Schwarz about OASE #100

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      Now available: OASE #100. Karel Martens and the Architecture of the Journal

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      Presentations OASE #100

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      Call for Abstracts OASE #102 & OASE #103

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